Tiong Bahru Satay specializes in handmade Hainanese pork satay and its unique satay sauce with pineapple puree. The proportion of meat and fats in every stick of satay promises a balance of flavours when grilled over charcoal. Together the secret sauce past down from generations for over 40 years, it has become a hot favourite for families for an afternoon snack. The story of Tiong Bahru Satay brings us back to the scene of our "Satay Ma" also known as Ah Pui sellig his satay illegally in the back alleys of Tiong Bahru with his iconic wooden pushcart. People in the estate would flock down and grab their satay fix before the authorities would chase him. He was the last satay pushcart hawker in Singapore before he was forced to stop after his cart was compounded. Ah Pui is now carrying on his spirit of providing the handmade satays the same old way it's made at 195 Pearl Hill Cafe and you can now order his satay online too and "pushcart" it over to your doorstep just like the good old days.